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Tim Reynolds
by Tim Reynolds
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t01 Speaking Intro t02 "Wandering Juice Spatter" t03 Che t04 Delicate Balance t05 In Your Eyes (1) t06 Indoctrinate > t07 Who Knows (2) t08 Torch Of Uncertainty t09 From This World t10 "Mandala of the Wrathful Dieties" t11 Arroyo t12 Hold On I'm Coming (3) t13 Mercury Direct Part 1 t14 Stream > t15 You Don't Know t16 "Intrapsychic Libidinous Fixations" t17 Hug* t18 Betrayal* t19 Samantabhadra t20 Sinceritox t21 Vantage Point t22 Doom t23 Cold Sweat (4) >...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: DSBD
Tim Reynolds
by Tim Reynolds
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Disc 1 Introduction of Barbra Streisand Realm of the Dogs In Space Suits(Shorty's Trail) Come Together Betrayal I'm You Captian (1) After The Goldrush (2) The Truth Che I'm In The Mood (3) Whole Lotta Love (4) Indoctrinate Flashy Lights and Frenzied Ferretts Ancestors High In the West Stream > ? > Kashmir (4) Here Comes the Sun (5) Devil's Bed (6) Revolution When the Levee Breaks (4) Smokescreen Albatross Chatterbox Disc 2 Hands Full Doom Hold On, I'm Comin' (7) You Are My Sanity Tim...
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